"I had a breast reduction with Dr. Bartholomew in Spring of 2014 due to large breasts that caused strain on my back and overall stress in my life. I also had a large benign tumor that needed to be removed as it caused me pain; this made for a more complicated surgery. I asked two friends who work as nurses at Providence who they recommended and both said Dr. B! He is known as a caring professional who is also a perfectionist--he gets great results. I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and I found Dr. B to be a kind, empathetic doctor, which is quite a bonus in a skillful surgeon! My breasts look wonderful, the pain was manageable and the office staff was very responsive to my needs and questions. I highly recommend Dr.Bartholomew and have already sent several friends his way.



First off, I just want to thank Dr. Bartholomew and his staff for taking such good care of me and my family during a very traumatic time in our lives. He made me feel so comfortable with every aspect of my journey. My diagnosis of breast cancer was a complete shock to all of us, as I am sure it is for all patients. No one expects to get this news. I am so thankful that I was diligent on getting my mammograms yearly. If I hadn't my story would have such a different ending. I truly believe that I was put on this path to help others stay focused on being diligent and proactive with their health. I am truly blessed. I am here with my family and friends and I am stronger than ever! God is so good! I am living proof of the power of prayer! With my surgery, Dr. Bartholomew was able to "put me back together". He made me feel whole again. He was very patient, caring and extremely helpful with every decision we had to make with my diagnosis. I am amazed on how far I have come in 2 years! I am back to teaching dance full time, working out, and just resuming my normal life. Normal is very good! Cancer is always in the back of my mind especially with every check up. But, honestly, I believe it is in the back of everyone's mind. However, I refuse to dwell on it! I am a survivor! Cancer is just a part of my story that I have overcome. The true joy of my life is being with my family and friends. Watching my children grow into the amazing people that God has intended them to be and looking forward to growing old with my husband. This is my true story.Every aspect of the surgery and my recovery has been an "adventure". We have always been able to find the humor in every day of this process which has helped us to cope with the craziness. Dr. Bartholomew's nurse Teri is a true gem. She is an incredible asset to his staff and she was and still is an integral part of my recovery. I will definitely recommend Dr. Bartholomew to my friends and relatives. I am so glad I was referred to his office. The most valuable aspect of my experience with Dr. Bartholomew is that I am alive and back to normal. He gave me that gift!! I will be forever grateful to him.


Dr. Bartholomew was the surgeon who did breast reconstruction for me following a double mastectomy for bilateral breast cancer. In our meetings prior to surgery he was very thorough and comforting in communicating to me what the procedure would entail. He is a perfectionist and that gave me utmost confidence regarding my care from him. I was extremely thankful for his expertise and professionalism throughout the whole reconstruction process. I would highly recommend Dr. Bartholomew to anyone needing plastic surgery.


Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback on my experience with Dr. Sam Bartholomew as my doctor in my original breast cancer surgery and subsequent reconstruction surgery.

I feel very grateful that he was selected to team with my surgeon when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February of 2009.For me this diagnosis came as a complete surprise as I "wasn't supposed to get breast cancer according to my family profile! However, it happened and I have been very pleased with the reconstruction outcome. Dr. Bartholomew's focus on my individual needs was very reassuring. I always come away from my meetings with Dr. Bartholomew's feeling I was his "only" patient. He is serious when discussing my needs but brings a nice sense of humor to balance the conversations when appropriate. I particularly like the feeling that I am not just a number on the daily list of patients to be seen!

My reconstruction is almost complete and again I am amazed at how "normal" I am beginning to look and feel. I would always feel comfortable in referring friends to Dr. Bartholomew for their need regarding evaluations and surgery.


I am writing to thank Dr. Bartholomew who has helped me get a handle back on my life and maintain my ability to work. Dr. Samuel Bartholomew listened to my unique needs and created support for my abdominal cavity to keep the organs in place.  His work (abdominoplasty) allowed me to regain abdominal muscle strength needed for my job as a therapist. He had a special ability to listen to me and and to explain what he was doing at all visits. 


In December of 2011 I was seen by Dr. Samuel Bartholomew to remove my breast implants; breast augmentation performed by another doctor 10 years ago. I was having severe pain and hardening in both breasts due to a capsular contracture, which occurs when the collagen-fibercapsule tightens and squeezes the breast implant. Dr. Bartholomew explained my options in great detail. I chose the option to remove the implants and included to have a breast lift. He explained the surgery procedure, the post op instructions, and all risks involved with surgery. He set up a pre op appointment to review all the details again to make sure I was comfortable with the surgery and to see if I had any questions. The procedure went very well and had minimal discomfort after surgery. Dr. Bartholomew checked in on me after surgery including the following day. Several post op appointments were made and a year later I can say that I am very pleased and happy with the end results. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Bartholomew and his staff and would recommend his services to anyone.


I want to thank Dr. Bartholomew and his staff for their patience (I asked so many questions) and care both before and after my surgery to replace my breast implants. I would certainly recommend them to anyone contemplating a similar procedure.


Dr. Bartholomew performed pre and post-surgical care for me on (3) different hand related issues.

Right Hand:

Trigger Finger.

Right Wrist: Carpel Tunnel relief.

Left Wrist: Carpel Tunnel relief.

Prior to surgery Dr. Bartholomew, my wife and I, discussed what would be taking place the day of surgery and what we needed to do to properly care for myself. I had concerns as my body doesn't always respond well after surgery, pain management is usually a challenge.

Pain medication and management was discussed and determined. Anesthesia methods were discussed and determined based on my body type and past experience of waking up during a surgical procedure. Post-surgical appointments were scheduled.

After this appointment and to this day I have confidence in Dr. Bartholomew's surgical skills and that he is also looking out for my best interests before, during and after surgery. So that I can return to a normal level of functioning.


Recently I had a corrective surgery for a trigger finger on the ring finger of my right hand.

Being right handed, this was more than an inconvenience and quite painful. The condition had been progressing for approximately three years and I was under treatment by another surgeon who had administered three separate steroid injections over the years. Finally it was time for the surgery.

I went to my family doctor and asked for a recommendation. He sent me to Dr. Samuel Bartholomew. As it turns out, the events that led me here was very, very fortunate.

I found Dr. Bartholomew to be one of the most personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional physicians I have ever met. He explained exactly why the finger was locking up by drawing out the structure right in front of me. Then using this diagram he described how he would repair it, what would be involved, and what I could expect and how to prepare for the procedure.

On the day of the procedure, I arrived early, was immediately taken to a room and the super kind and professional staff proceeded with all of the tests. Dr. Bartholomew visited and made his final preparations, making me feel so at ease about the situation that I had no angst what-so-ever. The anesthesiologist came in and was as great as everyone else had been, explaining in detail what he would be using and that he would be totally responsible for my welfare from beginning until completion. He personally took me to the surgery suite. Before I realized, it was done and I was on my way home.

Recovery took less than ten days before I got painless use of my hand. There was no signs of infections or any complications.

Today I am not even aware that there ever was a problem. There is not even a scar.

I can't recommend Dr. Bartholomew, his office and surgical staff highly enough. Also, the fine people in the Providence system. I have never had such a pleasant experience in the medical community anywhere. I am truly fortunate to have been in his care.


I recently had an amazing experience with Dr. Sam B. I had broken my hand badly in a batting cage accident. After x-rays concluded that I had a broken hand, I was referred to Dr. B. I was reluctant to see an unfamiliar hand specialist because my career as a hairdresser demands the full use of my hands. My appointment was two days later. I was taken with Dr. B's knowledge of his specialty and his attention to my concerns. The surgery was somewhat complicated given that two screws were placed inside a small bone of my hand. Dr. B worked in a timely manner and I was impressed with his skill and empathy. The incision was clean and precise and in two weeks I was back cutting hair. Dr. B was diligent in his follow-up appointments and listened to any questions and concerns that I had. Job well done, Dr. B., thanks.


Dear Dr. Bartholomew,

Thank you for the restoration work you did on my thumb.

On October 5, 2008 I was careless and stupid when using my circular saw. Then I was so scared in going to the hospital. I had no idea what level of care I would get. I was concerned I would be waiting a long time. Also, being Sunday evening, I was concerned that providers would not be alert.

I was being told that someone who knew something about hands was on their way to the hospital. I expected promises and no results. However, you came at the time they estimated you'd come. Then, your calm mannerisms began to stem my panic. You fully informed me on what and when things would happen - and you delivered on those statements. In a world where people don't do what they say they're going to do, your follow through was very impressive.

Also, despite it being Sunday 8 pm, during the pre-op talk you were alert. I was scrutinizing your face and eyes to see if your level of energy was up to the challenge. It was clear that you were calm and focused on the work to be done.

I don't think anyone could have done a better job on my thumb in surgery. I'm pleased I didn't get an infection, and pleased the nerve was successfully reattached. I expected more of a scar; the work you did patching skin onto my thumb worked beautifully. What you did to my tendons, on both my thumb and pinkie finger, worked.

Before and after the surgery, your predictions of what to expect were realistic. Throughout the postoperative period you continued to explain things thoroughly. You took my concerns seriously. You took time to examine my thumb.

I also think you have excellent bedside manner. You have been patient and kind. You have been empathetic. It's easy to see that you enjoy your work and you enjoy people.

I feel very lucky that on a random basis I was able to work with someone as alert, technically proficient surgically, technically predictive verbally, patient, and kind as you.


I was referred to Dr. Samuel Bartholomew about a few months ago due to problems that I was having with my right hand and thumb. On the very first visit he made me feel as if I had been a long time patient of his. Dr. Bartholomew diagnosed the problem right away and immediately began treatment. It did turn out that I had to have surgery to correct the problem which was Trigger Finger in my right thumb. I am totally and completely out of pain and I am gaining strength and flexibility back in my thumb. When I went in for my post-op visit my husband told me to tell Dr. Bartholomew that he did and exceptional job! Thank you Dr. Bartholomew for the great care that you showed me from start to finish!!


On October 10, 2010 I had surgery for removal of a sarcoma on my lower left arm. Healing of the wound was slow. I had healing problems following radiation therapy. Dr. Bartholomew successfully performed a skin graft and free flap using tissue from my upper arm.

After a few months of therapy my arm had healed well. Dr. Bartholomew performed liposuction on the flap and my arm returned to its normal size.

Dr. Bartholomew is an excellent doctor and I know I had the best of care. He took all the precautions through each phase of treatment and in preparation for surgery. He explained well each procedure, and I felt comfortable and confident in his skill in treating my cancer.


Panniculectomy patient

Breast Reconstruction patient

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