Tissue Expansion Before & After Photos | Patient 20

Patient Details


Gender: Female

Age: 55

Weeks Post-Op: 5

Procedure: Tissue Expander-Implant

Patient is a 55 year old female who developed left breast cancer. She had a larger left breast preop. She underwent left mastectomy, axillary sentinel lymph node biopsy and placement of a left prepectoral tissue expander and acellular dermal matrix for left breast DCIS. 3 months later she underwent exchange of the left expander for a round, smooth, high profile, cohesive 365cc silicone gel breast implant and a left subglandular breast augmentation with a cohesive 255cc silicone gel breast implant for symmetry. She also underwent fat grafting from her abdomen to breasts to (right breast 40 cc, left breast 70 cc) to soften to appearance of the implants. She declined nipple grafting and tattooing.
Post op photos are shown 5 months after the second surgery.

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