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Refine Your Contours With Tighter Skin

Whether you’ve lost a few pounds or are perhaps beginning to see the effects of aging on your skin, many people develop loose, sagging skin in various areas at some point. If you want to eliminate this loose skin and see a tighter, smoother physique, the minimally invasive treatment Renuvion can make it happen.

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Skin Tightening with Renuvion at The Oregon Clinic

At The Oregon Clinic, our mission is to provide our patients with the latest advancements in aesthetic technologies. Led by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Samuel Bartholomew, our team is committed to delivering exceptional care and delicate artistry to ensure outstanding outcomes. We can help you achieve exceptional rejuvenation and strive to deliver the best Renuvion Portland has to offer.

What is Renuvion?

Renuvion, also known as Renuvion J-Plasma, is an innovative cosmetic treatment that combines the power of helium plasma with radiofrequency energy to tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This minimally invasive procedure is commonly used to address loose or sagging skin in various areas of the body, including the face, neck, abdomen, back, arms, and thighs. The procedure is typically performed after liposuction to tighten the overlying skin. A small incision is made and a thin wand-like device is inserted beneath the skin. Helium plasma is then delivered through the device, causing the skin to contract and tighten, while radiofrequency energy works to enhance collagen production. This under-the-skin ablative approach produces smooth, tight, and long-lasting results.

Benefits of Renuvion

Our Portland Renuvion patients experience numerous benefits that provide aesthetic satisfaction, confidence, and overall improved quality of life, including:

  • Tighten loose or sagging skin
  • Restoring a more youthful and toned appearance
  • Typically low downtime with this minimally invasive procedure
  • Versatility and comprehensive skin tightening for many body areas
  • Long-lasting results with continued improvement in skin texture and appearance over time
  • Minimal scarring compared to traditional surgical procedures

Am I a candidate for Renuvion?

While this is a safe and effective treatment option for many individuals, not everyone may be a suitable candidate. Those with mild to moderate skin laxity, localized areas of loose skin, and a desire for minimally invasive treatment are the best candidates, and it is ideal for patients with skin laxity that is bothersome but not severe enough to need surgical excision.

Adding Liposuction to Your Renuvion Treatment

Renuvion and liposuction are an outstanding treatment combination for a few reasons. These two treatments work to sculpt the body with complementary effects. Liposuction alone can leave the skin loose, and Renuvion will not address pockets of fat. Together, they result in tight, contoured skin and tissue, and they can use the same incision, so scarring and recovery discomfort are minimal.

Consultation and Preparation

At your Portland Renuvion consultation, Dr. Bartholomew will discuss your aesthetic goals and answer any questions you may have before creating a comprehensive treatment plan designed to address your unique needs. Prior to treatment, we will ask that you avoid blood thinning medications for about a week and alcohol for 24 hours prior.


While this treatment is often performed using local anesthesia, general anesthesia can be used in larger cases. First, the skin will be prepared, and then tiny incisions will be made. Then, the Renuvion device is inserted under the skin to deliver both the helium plasma and radiofrequency simultaneously. This treatment typically takes about 60 to 90 minutes.

Renuvion Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

While it may take up to a week or more for initial swelling or bruising to resolve, most patients can begin to perform basic daily activities within just a few days. If Renuvion is performed on the body, compression garments may be provided for optimal healing. As collagen is built and the skin continues to improve, optimal results can typically be seen around six to nine months after treatment.

Why choose Renuvion with Dr. Bartholomew?

At the Oregon Clinic, we understand that patient personalization is key, and we strive to provide customized care. Leading the way with this mindset is Dr. Samuel Bartholomew, a double board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and other prominent organizations. Dr. Bartholomew is committed to providing tailored, high-quality patient care and optimal aesthetic outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Renuvion painful? What does it feel like?

The Renuvion skin tightening procedure is performed under sedation, so there is no pain during the procedure. Patients may experience some discomfort immediately afterward that usually resolves within a few days.

What are the risks associated with Renuvion?

Possible side effects could include swelling or redness, but when performed by a certified plastic surgeon, this procedure is considered very safe.

Is Renuvion permanent?

This treatment is meant to be very long-lasting and can produce some permanent results in certain individuals.

How long is the recovery following Renuvion?

This will vary by patient, but typically, recovery lasts about one to two weeks.

How much does Renuvion cost?

The cost of Renuvion depends on the patient’s unique needs and the extent of the treatment.

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