Breast Augmentation Portland

Women often perceived themselves by the size and shape of their breasts. Many women are surprised by how real and natural their breast implants feel like after a breast augmentation surgery in Portland. Having their breasts enlarged can not only boost their self-esteem but also inspire them to lead a healthier lifestyle implementing better eating habits and exercising more to fit their new body image. Dr. Bartholomew strives to deliver the best breast augmentation Portland has to offer.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, more than 313,000 women received breast augmentation surgery in 2018, making it the most frequently performed cosmetic procedure in the United States.

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Why Get Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges the size and shape of a woman’s breast. There are many reasons why our Portland breast augmentation patients consider this procedure. They may feel their breasts are too small, have lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy, or disproportionate in size and shape.

A woman is looking to improve symmetry, the shape of her breasts, breast appearance (especially with disfiguration due to abnormalities), and the foundation of a breast contour (especially after breast cancer). Some women suffer from micromastia, a condition about the underdevelopment of a woman’s breast tissue that leaves them feeling like they have a prepubescent boy’s chest. Other women develop asymmetrical breasts that do not match in size or shape. For example, one breast might be a B-cup and the other a D-cup. It’s a noticeable condition that leads to embarrassment. It becomes a body image issue with women wanting to look more normal in their clothes.

There are women looking to get their bodies back after one or several pregnancies. A mommy makeover with breast implants can restore the natural appearance of their breasts to what it used to be.

Breast Augmentation Portland

Breast augmentation is usually done to balance a difference in breast size, to improve body contour, or as a reconstructive technique following surgery.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation in Portland?

Any woman in good physical health and looking for improvement in her appearance is a great candidate for breast augmentation.

Call us to set up a consultation and discuss what options are available to you. We can go over your expectations and your ideal appearance.

How Do I Choose an Implant?

There are plenty of choices when it comes to implant filler based on size, shape and other features. Dr. Bartholomew will help you determine your situation based on your breast anatomy, body type and how much you want to increase the size of your breasts. He will go over your current lifestyle and your personal preference for surgery. Dr. Bartholomew will make recommendations based on your goals and his extensive experience as a surgeon.

Breast Augmentation Portland

Incisions are made to keep scars as inconspicuous as possible, in the breast crease, around the nipple, or in the armpit. Breast tissue and skin is lifted to create a pocket for each implant.

How does one choose an implant? Breast implants are made with silicone shell filled with saline solution or silicone gel. Both options are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Some features to consider in your decision for breast augmentation in Portland, include the shape (round or anatomic), the profile (from low to high projection), and the diameter (the width).

Breast implants are not guaranteed to last for the rest of your life and additional surgeries may be required to replace one or both of your implants. Also, make sure to have your doctor routinely examine you for overall breast health and evaluate the condition of your implants.

What are the Risks?

Getting a breast augmentation in Portland is safe and straightforward. Capsular contracture is the most common problem resulting from tightening of the scar or capsule around the implant. It can be treated by removing the scar tissue or replacing the implant.

As typical of this type of procedure, some bleeding can occur that causes swelling and discomfort. Nipples can become very sensitive or numb. There may also be some numbness near your incisions. On rare occasion, an infection could develop around the implant within a week after the surgery that can be resolved by removing the implant until the infection clears up.

Breast Augmentation Portland

The breast implant may be inserted directly under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle.

A breast implant can break or rupture as a result of an injury or normal compression of your breast and implant. Keep Dr. Bartholomew informed of any situation that changes regarding your implants. Most of our Portland breast augmentation patients, however, do not experience any or few of these complications. It is important to understand the risks of breast augmentation in Portland as you set up your consultation.

Initial Consultation

Dr Sam Bartholomew, Portland Breast Augmentation Surgeon

In your initial consultation with Dr. Bartholomew, you will explore various options available to you based on your health and the condition of your breasts and skin tone. He will explain what surgical techniques may be most appropriate for you. Dr. Bartholomew may also make additional suggestions, such as a breast lift, that may be of benefit to you. Many procedures can be performed at the same time.

Dr. Bartholomew may recommend a mammogram to check the health of your breasts. You will be given advice on how to prepare for your surgery, including guidelines on when to stop eating prior to the procedure and dealing with your medications. Be prepared to make arrangement to be driven home after your surgery.

What is the Cost?

With the advance in technology, the breasts look very natural and last longer. Nevertheless, the reality is that breast augmentation is not covered by health insurance. Whether you end up with saline or silicone implants, both usually need to be replaced in the future. Most implants need to be replaced at some point so expect more breast implant surgeries.

Breast Augmentation Portland

After surgery, breasts appear fuller and more natural in tone and contour. Scars will fade with time.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Your breast augmentation in Portland will include either a general anesthesia (meaning you sleep through the surgery) or a local anesthesia (meaning you are drowsy but awake). The procedure takes up to two hours.

Dr. Bartholomew makes an incision in the crease where the breast meets the chest and around the areola. He makes every effort to make the new scar as inconspicuous as possible. The next step is lifting the breast tissue and skin behind the sub mammary or beneath the pectoral muscle and on top of the chest wall. This creates a pocket where the implant is positioned. The incisions are then closed with sutures and a bandage applied over the breasts for healing purposes.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Following your breast augmentation surgery, you will feel some discomfort and pain. Dr. Bartholomew can prescribe some medications to help alleviate the pain. There may be some burning sensation in your nipples for two weeks. That’s completely normal and it will decrease as the bruising subsides.

The gauze dressing and stitches will be removed after a week or so. You may need to wear a surgical bra during your recovery time. Swelling in your breasts can take up to five weeks to disappear.

You may return to work after a few days of rest depending on the type of job that you do. When you resume your normal activities, your breasts will be sensitive to direct stimulation for up to three weeks; so, best to avoid physical contact until then.

Expect your scars to be firm and pink for a minimum of six weeks. They will finally fade, though not completely, after several months.

The goal is to have your breast augmentation done as efficiently and comfortably as possible and a result that will give you a youthful appearance and a new sense of self-confidence.

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