Cheek Reconstruction Before & After Photos | Patient 04

Patient Details

Cheek Flap

Gender: Female

Post Op: 1 months

Patient is a 63-year-old female with a malignant melanoma of the right cheek. Dr. Bartholomew collaborated with a General Surgeon who performed the resection of the melanoma that required a 2 cm margin of healthy skin around the tumor for removal (the tumor appears as a black circle on the right upper cheek in the preop photo on the left.) The resulting open wound was over 3 inches wide. In order to move tissue to close the wound without distorting her eyes, nose and mouth, a cervicofascial flap was performed. Dr. Bartholomew elevated skin and fatty tissue from the entire right cheek and neck in order to rotate it up and close the hole created by removing the melanoma.
Photos are preop, during surgery and 1 month post op.

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