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Breast implant removal is a surgical procedure that removes breast implants due to complications like a rupture, deflation, hardening, rippling, wrinkling, uneven appearance, or persistent pain.

Many breast implant removals are done after a breakdown of the implant's outside shell, which can cause the silicone to leak, resulting in the hardening of the scar tissue around the implant. This breakdown can cause significant discomfort.

Some women decide to have an implant removal for aesthetic reasons or are unhappy with their implants or simply looking for a new lifestyle. Other women seek an adjustment in the size of their implants whether larger or smaller. Whatever the reason, Dr. Bartholomew strives to deliver the best breast implant removals Portland has to offer.

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Who is a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

If you are experiencing pain, suffering from a complication or simply not wishing to have them anymore, you are definitely a good candidate for a breast implant removal. You should be in good physical health with a stable weight.

Why should I have a Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implants are not permanent and are affected by factors such as the aging process and weight fluctuations. The average implant lasts about ten years but can require change sooner. You should regularly have an MRI to check the condition of your implants because they can rupture or harden giving an unnatural feel.

Here are the top 10 reasons why a woman decides to have breast implant removal:

  1. Are concerned about possible health issues related to the implant
  2. Because you are experiencing pain with breasts that feel hard
  3. You desire a reduction of the size of your areola
  4. Experiencing back pain from the weight of your breasts
  5. You ave suffered a leak or rupture in your implant
  6. Suffering from capsular contracture
  7. To change the size of your breasts, smaller or larger
  8. To make a lifestyle change and enhance your body image
  9. Your implants have changed position or are uneven
  10. Your implants have become saggy

What are the Risks With Breast Implant Removal?

As a trained and experienced surgeon, I take every precaution to minimize potential risks such as a bad reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, capsular contracture, cardiac and pulmonary complications, deep venous thrombosis, fat necrosis, hematoma, infection, leakage from an implant, loose skin, loss of nipple sensation, lymphoma, numbness, poor healing of incisions, scarring, seroma, and swelling.

You will want to get a breast implant removal done as soon as possible if you are experiencing pain or suffering from something embarrassing like a deflated breast. I dedicate myself to your safety by being detailed and meticulous while performing the surgery.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you will have a chance to ask any questions and find the answers you seek regarding your procedure. Dr. Bartholomew will listen to your concerns, review your health history and examine your breasts.

Before the end of your consultation, you will receive instructions on how to properly prepare for your surgery, including what to do with your medications. The goal is to make your visit a comfortable experience and get you the best results possible. If you need a breast implant removal in Portland, Dr. Bartholomew will use his experience to resolve your breast issues.

Breast Implant Removal Procedure

A breast implant removal requires an incision through the skin, preferably in the original incision point. This will decrease the chance of scarring. The implants are then removed from the breast pockets.

If you no longer need an implant, a breast lift can be performed by Dr. Bartholomew to decrease any excess skin and give you a natural appearance. If you decide to exchange your implants, you can choose smaller or larger implants. Once the procedure has been completed, sutures will close the incisions.

Partial, total, or en bloc capsulectomy may be performed based on Dr. Bartholomew’s recommendation or patient request. Our Portland breast implant removal patients may request photos of the implants, or the implants themselves. Testing may be indicated on the implants in some cases.

Breat Implant Removal Recovery

Your recovery should include plenty of rest for the first few days. You can expect to have some bruising and swelling for at least a week and feel some discomfort. Pain medications can be prescribed to you.

Wearing a supportive bra or an elastic bandage will help give you support. Swelling can take up to three months to go away and for you to see the final results. Your scar will heal very well and eventually become minimal and inconspicuous.

Our Portland breast implant removal patients can expect to go back to work and their regular routine after a few days. It depends on the type of work and daily activities. You will need to avoid any strenuous exercises for at least a month. How fast you can resume physical activities depends on your level of fitness.

When you need a great implant removal, Dr. Bartholomew is one of the best plastic surgeons Portland has to offer.

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